Marine Support

Marine Support Services for the TV & Film Industry

NP Media are specialists in complete marine support and co-ordination. We are able to supply clients with the complete package from location safety experts to action and camera boats, as well as props and floating access. Our highly qualified team has years of experience in the TV and Film industry, ensuring you receive a cost effective, smooth running production process.

We have a vast and adaptable collection of boats and watercraft available, as well as our range of floating pontoons which can be used for access purposes, filming and sets. As we are able to offer the complete package for your latest production, we are proud to be able to work on any type of TV, film, media or arts project, no matter how large or small.

All TV & Film productions have an element of marine support involved, NP Media can help.

From location scouting and finding access, through to safety analysis and risk assessments, each job in the TV & Film industry needs marine support and co-ordination. Working alongside some of the largest and well known production companies we now have vast experience when it comes to marine support in the media sector.

Some large scale productions require intense media support and extensive research. NP Media can help with the whole process including location preparation, sourcing, access planning, and all the logistics involved. Our expert team has a vast knowledge of the whole filming process and what is required. When on location we can provide specialist personnel and  instructors in paddling, punting, diving, power boating, rowing and sailing.

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