TV & Film Bespoke Pontoons

Floating Bespoke Pontoons For TV & Film Production

Here at NP Media, we have many years of experience in the TV & Film industry, our expert team can install specialist, modular bespoke pontoons throughout the United Kingdom as well as anywhere across the world. We have a large portfolio of high profile clients as well as some of the biggest production companies that we have worked with, meaning we are the obvious choice for your next production.

Whether you are filming for a TV series, a blockbuster movie, or if you need a floating stage for the arts, there is nothing that we can’t help with. Each of our floating pontoons will be personalised to your site and constructed to meet your exact needs and requirements, we always aim to provide you with exactly what you require.

We create bespoke pontoons, custom-built to your specifications, then install on almost any site for your production.

NP Media will design and build pontoons to meet your specifications, our team will then bring it to your location and install it where directed. We can place our pontoons on almost any size of site, even if the access to it has some restrictions. 

Our bespoke pontoons are designed to be divided up into sections for transport. They are then re-built to your design brief once on location. This clever method means very little disruption, easy transportation and no damage to any of the surrounding environment.

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